Avoiding Purgatory

Jesus' Way - The Road of Spiritual Health

"If any man will come after me,
let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily,
and follow me."
Come after Me (St. Luke 9: 23)

Spiritual Checkup - Have I Failed To:

    1. Respect everyone - Christ lives in everyone:
  • Be sensitive to others. They are your brothers and sisters.

    2. Think well of everyone - think ill of no one:
  • Try to find something good even in the worst circumstances.

    3. Always speak well of others:
  • Do not cast a slur on anyone.
  • Repair any harm resulting from an uttered word.
  • Do not provoke strife between people.

    4. Speak to everyone in the language of love:
  • Do not raise your voice.
  • Do not swear.
  • Do not vex others.
  • Do not provoke tears.
  • Reassure others.
  • Show a kind heart.

    5. Forgive everyone everything:
  • Do not hold grudges.
  • Always be the first to extend your hand a sign of reconciliation.

    6. Act always to your neighbor's advantage:
  • Do good things to others, as you would like them done to you.
  • Never give a thought to what others owe you, but always to what you owe them.

    7. Be actively compassionate in time of suffering:
  • Be quick to offer consolation, council, assistance, kindness.

    8. Work conscientiously:
  • Others benefit from the fruits of your labor, just as you benefit from the labors of others.

    9. Be active in your community:
  • Be open to the poor and the sick.
  • Share your goods.
  • Try to see the needs of those around you.

    10. Pray for everyone, even your enemies.

Cardinal Stefan Wysznyski (1900 - 1981)

Excerpted from Love One Another Catholic Magazine,
"The ABC's of the Crusade for Love", Back Cover, Vol. 1/September 2003.

Provided courtesy of 'Love One Another': A publication of The Society of Christ
(Society of Christ Provincial House, 3000 Eighteenth Mile Road, Sterling Heights, MI 48314 USA)