Forgiveness as an Act of Obedience

Prayer is the heart of Christian living - an intimate sharing between Lover and the beloved.
"Our prayers should be delicious and hot victuals that come from the fire of a heart overflowing with love."

Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Forgiveness as an Act of Obedience

"How great is our dignity through the mercy of God!

By obeying we raise ourselves beyond our littleness and we can act in conformity with an infinite wisdom (without exaggeration), to the divine wisdom.... God offers us his own infinite wisdom and prudence....Through obedience we become infinitely powerful: who, in fact can resist God's will?...

We should have an unlimited love toward our most kind Father, a love that is shown by obeying and is exercised mainly when we have to do something we find unpleasant.

The crucified Lord is the most beautiful and truest book where we can always deepen this love in order to imitate Him.

But we shall obtain all this from God much more easily through the Immaculate, because, as Saint Bernard used to say, God has entrusted to her all the economy of His mercy, reserving for Himself the justice.

The intellect is above our senses, and faith is above our intellect, although faith 'is a gift of the reason, when it comes to the external clarity, not the interior one.' And the more the intellect continues to walk without seeing the 'internal clarity', following the dictates of faith, the greater is the glory it gives to God, by acknowledging His infinite wisdom, goodness, and power.

Perfection consists in the love of God, in the union with Him, who reveals Himself to us through the will of our superiors.

The Guardian Angel of Saint Gemma Galgani told her that the shortest and most authentic road to reach heaven is being obedient.

By entrusting ourselves to the will of God and its fulfillment, especially in those things that are contrary to our senses and even to our limited and fallible intellect, we shall be always more inflamed with love for God.

The cross is a school of love.

by Saint Maximilian Kolbe (+ 1941) martyr

Action Item: Sponsor and Adopt Souls

The Church teaches that one of the spiritual works of mercy is "to pray for the living and the dead." May we invite you to sponsor a Beloved? If you have already done so, would you consider 'adopting' another soul, and agree to pray for their repose?

May God bless you abundantly here and in the life to come!