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Book Publishers

Alba House

  Society of St. Paul,
  2187 Victory Blvd
  Staten Island, NY 10314

Apostolate of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary

  Cenacle Scriptural Rosary Booklets
  Apostolate of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary,
  GD, Cormac, ON Canada  K0J 1M0

        For Cenacle Scriptural Rosary Booklets:

(CCCE) Catechism of the Catholic Church (English Version)

  Vatican Archives,
  Vatican, Europe 00120

Catholic Book Publishing Co.


Desmarais & Robitaille, Ltd.

  60, rue Notre-Dame ouest,
  Montreal, Quebec Canada  H2Y 1S6

Eerdmans Publishing Co

  255 Jefferson Ave. S.E.
  Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Ignatius Press

  2515 McAllister Street
  San Francisco, CA 94118

Liguori Publications

  One Liguori Drive
  Liguori, MO 63057-9999

Love One Another: A Catholic Magazine

  Society of Christ Provincial House
  3000 Eighteenth Mile Road
  Sterling Heights, MI, USA 48314

Lumen Christi Press

  P.O. Box 130176
  Houston, TX 77219

Marian Press

  Available from Marian Helpers
  Stockbridge, MA 01263

Mercier Press Ltd.

  5 French Church St.,
  Cork, Ireland

Montfort Publications

  Montfort Missionaries
  Bayshore, NY 11706-8993
  Montfort Publications

  Accepts only American funds drawn on an American bank.
   Foreign cheques or money orders not accepted.

National Center for Padre Pio, Inc.,

  National Center for Padre Pio, Inc.,
  111 Barto Road
  Barto, PA 19504

Our Sunday Visitor Publications

  Our Sunday Visitor Publishing Division
  Huntington, Indiana 47650

PrayCard Publications

  PrayCard Publications
  P.O. Box 79205
  Gatineau, Qc Canada J8Y 6V2
  (Toll free) 1-888-246-7729

  To order: follow instructions on-site, then email or phone order

Queenship Publishing Company

  Queenship Publishing Company
  P.O. Box 220
  Galeta, CA 93116
  (Toll free) 1-800-647-9882


The Regina Press

  The Regina Press
  New York, NY 47650

Scepter Publishers Inc

  In England: Scepter, 1 Leopold Road, London W5 3PB
  In India: Scepter, P.O. Box 4009, New Delhi 110 017
  In Kenya: Scepter Ltd., P.O. Box 28176, Nairobi

  In the USA: Scepter Ltd, P.O. Box 1270, Princeton, NJ 08542-1270

Sheed and Ward, Inc.

  Sheed and Ward Inc.
  4501 Forbes Blvd
  Suite 200
  Lanham, MD, USA

TAN Books (TAN):

  TAN Books
  P.O. Box 410487
  Charlotte, NC 28241

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB):

  United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
  3211 4th Street, N.E.,
  Washington, D.C. 20017-1194

Catholic Radio

Vatican Radio

  Vatican Radio
  "The voice of the Pope and the Church in dialogue with the world."
  'Realplayer' live streams.

Religious Orders, Associations, and Foundations

Aid to the Church in Need

"The Work Aid to the Church in Need founded by Father Werenfried van Straaten, o.praem., is a Universal Public Association established by the Holy See. . . . These Mass stipends entrusted to us represent a vital support for the survival of needy priests in faraway countries where the Church is truly in danger. Where necessary, we top up the Mass stipends from other sources so that no needy priest has to serve at the altar without being able to live from the altar."

  In Canada
  P.O. Box 670, Stn H
  Montreal, QC H3G 2M6


  Suggested Mass stipends (Cdn $): $8 Low Mass, Triduum $39, Novena $117, Gregorian $420

  (To request Stipend Masses you may mail the request with appropriate stipend, or use the online ACN Bank that accepts VISA or MC.
  Simply indicate the type of Mass requested.)

  www.acn-aed-ca.org/1-anglais/eindex6.htm -- Click 'Express Teller'

Association of the Holy Souls

Send your name, address, and annual alms to the Dominican Nuns of the Perpetual Rosary to become a member of The Association of the Holy Souls, which is approved by the Cardinal Archbishop of Lisbon.

    Conditions of Membership:
  • Your name must be registered in the Book of the Association
  • Hear Mass once a week (Sunday Mass suffices) for the Holy Souls
  • Pray for and promote devotion to the Holy Souls
  • Make an annual contribution to the Mass Fund to enable perpetual Masses to be said every month
  • Association entrusted to the Dominican Nuns of the Perpetual Rosary

      Association of the Holy Souls
      Dominican Nuns of the Perpetual Rosary
      Pius XII Monastery
      Rue do Rosario 1
      2495 Fatima, Portugal

Confraternity of the Most Holy Rosary
  (An Archconfraternity)

A World-Wide Movement of Prayer Entrusted to the DOMINICAN ORDER by the HOLY SEE More than 500 Years Ago.

"The Rosary Confraternity is a spiritual association (of the Catholic Church), the members of which strive to pray the entire Rosary during the course of each week. They form a union of countless hundreds of thousands of the faithful throughout the world who, along with their own intentions, include the intentions and needs of all its members, while they in turn pray for them"

  Confraternity of the Most Holy Rosary
  PO Box 3617
  Portland, OR 97208 USA

  http://www.rosary-center.org/ntrll.htm -- 'Light and Life' Newsletter

Confraternity of Penitents

"The Confraternity of Penitents is a worldwide private Catholic Association of the Faithful headquartered in the Diocese of Providence, Rhode Island, USA, with the permission of Bishop Robert Mulvee. The Confraternity's Rule of Life has been reviewed by the Diocese of Providence and deemed acceptable to be lived by the laity in their own homes. The members of the Confraternity are totally in line with the teachings of the Pope and the Magisterium. We have a four year formation program which can be completed in local gatherings or via internet instruction or postal mail."

  Confraternity of Penitents
  520 Oliphant Lane
  Middletown, RI 02842-4600


Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN)

EWTN and shortwave radio WEWN, broadcast quality Roman Catholic material 24 hours daily. Live Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, Rosaries, talk shows and other inspirational programs, such as "Mother Angelica Live".

  Eternal word Television Network (EWTN)
  5817 Old Leeds Road
  Ironddale, AL 35210

  Suggested Mass stipend: US$5 (minimum)

The Cardinal Kung Foundation

"The Cardinal Kung Foundation is an active advocate of the Roman Catholic church and works exclusively for its bishops. We need you donation urgently to carry out these projects.

Mass Stipends: The underground church has no church buildings, no property, and no collections. The mass stipend can support the underground priests during a difficult ministry. We will send your mass request to China (US$ 5 minimum) for masses to be offered by the underground priests. For obvious reasons, we cannot accept requests for specific dates."

  Cardinal Kung Foundation
  P.O.Box 8086, Ridgeway Center
  Stamford, CT 06905

  Suggested Mass stipend: US$5 (minimum)

Companions of the Cross

"A new Catholic community of priests, committed to living and ministering together as brothers in the Lord. We are called to the ongoing renewal of the Church through a dynamic evangelization in the wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit. We proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to all we are called to serve, with special attention to local parish communities, the poor, youth, and those alienated from the Church."

  199 Bayswater Avenue
  Ottawa, ON Canada K1Y 2G5

  E-mail: compcros@cyberus.ca
  Suggested Mass stipend: Cdn$5

The Friends of the Suffering Souls

"An organization formed to assist the souls in Purgatory by arranging for Masses to be offered each and every day of the year for their benefit and especially for the benefit of deceased members - Australia."

  http://www.knocknovena.com <<< New Website!

Prayer Warriors of the Holy Souls

"The Prayer Warriors of the Holy Souls (PWHS) is an Apostolate of the Montfort Foundation Inc., a Catholic, non-stock, non-profit foundation whose Founding President is Cong. Narciso D. Montfort, M.D., of the 4th District of Iloilo, Philippines. The objective of this organization is to create and spread awareness of the plight of the Holy Souls."

  P.O.Box 220, Greenhills
  Metro-Manila, Philippines
  (63-2) 531-0394

The Holy See: The Vatican

  The Vatican
  00120 Vatican City
  Vatican, Europe

Montfort Missionaries

  Montfort Missionaries
  Bayshore, NY 11706-8993

  Accepts only American funds drawn on an American bank.
   Foreign cheques or money orders not accepted.

Pro-Life Groups, Blogs, Associations, and Links


  An very active and dedicated site respecting the sanctity and protection of life.

  "BlogsForTerri is committed to serving, defending and supporting individuals as the first and largest organized group of bloggers dedicated to a single issue - the protection and sanctity of life. Our focus [was] first on Terri Schiavo because she [was] a person in need, whose life [was] endangered by the growing acceptance of euthanasia in American society.

  The publicity of Terri's fight has made it a litmus test for the nation and has awakened the world to the prevalence of "mercy killing" of the disabled and elderly.

  The goal of BlogsforTerri is to defend the unalienable right of each person to life, endowed by the Creator, regardless of his or her age, disability or health status."


Matercare International

  A wonderful site helping women to bring their children safely into the world.

  "MaterCare International is in essence an organization of Catholic Health Professionals (obstetricians, neonatologists, general practitioners, midwives and others) from every part of the world which encourages and provides opportunities for integrating professional knowledge, skills and experience with the Catholic faith, in a new and authentic way.

Through the quality of its work, MaterCare will show that the Church can still provide relevant health care for mothers. It will provide a professional mechanism for dialogue and collaboration, with other maternal health care agencies, academic and professional organizations. For mothers and their unborn children it will offer new initiatives based on life and hope, rather than death and despair."

  MaterCare International
  8 Riverview Avenue
  St. John's, Newfoundland
  Canada A1C 2S5
  Fax: 709-579-6501
  Email: info@matercare.org

Priests for Life

  A tremendous site respecting the dignity of life from the moment of conception to natural death

  "We are an officially approved association of Catholic Clergy who give special emphasis to the pro-life teachings of the Church. We offer ongoing assistance to the clergy in addressing the topics of abortion and euthanasia, and training and resources to the entire pro-life movement."

  Priests for Life
  PO Box 141172
  Staten Island, NY 10314
  888-PFL-3448, (718) 980-4400
  Fax: 718-980-6515
  Email: mail@priestsforlife.org

  Donations: accepts only American funds drawn on an American bank.
   Foreign cheques or money orders not accepted.

Silent No More Awareness Campaign

  A tremendous site respecting the dignity of life from the moment of conception to natural death

  "The National Silent No More Awareness Campaign is an effort to make the public aware of the devastation abortion brings to women, men, and their families. The emotional and physical pain of abortion will no longer be shrouded in secrecy and silence, but rather exposed and healed. This effort is a key to make abortion unthinkable and persuade society that women deserve better than abortion."

  Silent No More Awareness Campaign

Catholic Sacramentals


  Catholic medals and pendants from CatholicEmporium.com

  "Catholic medals and pendants. Sterling silver and color. Huge selection of Our Lady of Guadalupe medals and pendants"

  1221 Mottman Rod SW, #E-202
  Olympia, WA 98512

Rosary Supplies

Ave Maria's Circle

  Canada's main source for mission rosary parts

  "Ave Maria's Circle makes and distributes mission rosaries to second and third world countries. Mission rosary parts available, along with many handmade, original finished rosaries, and other sacramentals. Plastic mission rosary supplies for Canada and USA."

  Ave Maria's Circle
  480 Hunterswood Court
  Waterloo, ON Canada N2K 3E9
  1-519-746-1269 (10 AM - 5 PM EST)


  "Make Them. Pray Them. Give Them Away."

  "Information on the Holy Rosary. How to make or get a free knotted rosary."

  1420 St. Charles Court
  Conyers, GA 30094


  Beads of Inspiration

  "Unique rosaries and chaplets handmade with inspired materials and exquisite care, with special devotions to: Luminous Mysteries, Jesus (Sacred Heart, Infant of Prague, Holy Face); Our Lady (Guadalupe, Peace, Fatima, Loreto, Immaculate Conception); Saints (Francis, Therese, Anthony, Joseph, Jude) and more. �Special devotions have information and prayers in English, Spanish, and Portuguese."

  Contact: MariaElena Kadala

Other Catholic Websites

Blue Army, USA

  The Blue Army of Our Lady of Fatima, Inc. - World Apostolate of Fatima


  CatholiCity - A delightful Catholic site - well worth a visit!

The Coming Home Network

  "Are you a non-Catholic pastor or layman with interest in the Catholic Church?

  The purpose of The Coming Home Network International (CHNetwork) is to provide fellowship, encouragement and support for pastors and laymen of other traditions (Protestant, Orthodox, etc..) who are somewhere along the journey or have already converted to the Catholic Church. The CHNetwork is committed to assisting and standing beside all inquirers, serving as a friend and an advocate."

  The Coming Home Network
  P.O. Box 8290
  Zanesville, OH 43702
  800-664-5110 / 740-450-1175

  The Coming Home Network

The Crossroads Initiative - Dynamic Resources for the Church Today

"The Crossroads Initiative--we've taken the initiative to produce resources that rise to the challenge, providing substantial teaching, faithful to the Catholic Tradition, but in a language that anyone can understand . . . with humor, practical examples, and real-life application.."

  The Crossroads Initiative--A Ministry of Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio
  P.O. Box 271227
  Flower Mound, TX 75027



  EverythingCatholic - A tremendous Catholic resource site!

Family Life Center - St. Joseph's Covenant Keepers - Catholic Family, Courtship

"St. Joseph's Covenant Keepers (i.e. SJCK) is an informal international network of Christian men, under the patronage of St. Joseph, dedicated to strengthening the family. The primary thrust of St. Joseph's Covenant Keepers is to men who are fathers of children still living at home. However, we warmly welcome Christian men of all ages, callings, and states in life: grandfathers wanting to strengthen their children and grandchildren; single men preparing for the vocation of marriage; and especially pastors serving as indispensable spiritual fathers in the family of God. Participation is open to all men who agree with, and who are willing to promote, the eight commitments of St. Joseph's Covenant Keepers.

As St. Joseph's Covenant Keepers, we are not just concerned with our own families. We will also strive for a Christlike concern for the spiritual and material welfare of other families in our community, in our parish, and in other localities throughout the world."

  St. Joseph's Covenant Keepers - Catholic Family, Courtship (Dads.org)
  Family Life Center
  22226 Westchester Blvd
  Port Charlotte, FL 33952

  www.dads.org -- online resource for dads

Father Angelus M. Shaughnessy, O.F.M.C

"The purpose of this website is to broaden the reach of the ministry of Father Angelus M. Shaughnessy, Order of Friars Minor Capuchin, a Franciscan Order, and to make available to everyone God's message of joy, hope and a promise of everlasting life.

Father Angelus has devoted his life to delivering this message and teaching the fundamentals of Christianity through his missionary work in Papua New Guinea and throughout the United States. In his effort to reach as many people as possible, he has produced a library of audio and video tapes as well as myriad publications that will inspire, instruct and help to perpetuate the Catholic faith."

  Father Angelus M. Shaughnessy, Order of Friars Minor Capuchin,
  Saint Clare Friary
  622 Delaware Avenue
  Clairton, Pennsylvania 15025

  e-mail: padre@fatherangelus.com


Lifeissues.net:  - A simply superb site for all issues on life!

  "There are crucial issues that face us today: abortion, aids, bioethics, birth control, when life begins, population concerns, post-abortion healing, etc. But far too often our public debates are long on emotion and short on clear thinking. Along the way, respect for the dignity of human life gets lost in the rhetoric. Our purpose is to promote a 'Culture of Life' in which human freedom will find its authentic meaning by joining forces with truth, life and love. This culture 'needs new lifestyles which will show respect for the dignity of every individual, especially the weakest, and which will recognize the value of human sexuality in the development of the person.' (Evangelium Vitae)"

  Kochi, Japan
  Lifeissues.net - Well-worth a visit for the tremendous amount of well-documented, researched material.

Pewsitter.com:  - The Online Catholic Newspaper of the Third Millennium.

  "The Online Catholic Newspaper of the Third Millennium featuring news content provided by YOU! Tell us what's going on within your local parish or diocese by submitting a news item and we'll share it with the world. Support the Pope and the Church by combining your voice with thousands of other faithful Catholics. Don't forget our free Events Listing service to help publicize your Catholic event."

  PO Box 105
  Danboro, PA 18916
  (215) 766-2887 Voice
  (215) 371-3909 Fax

  Pewsitter.com - The Online Catholic Newspaper of the Third Millennium

The Holy Rosary for the Pocket PC

  "Freeware program to promote the prayer of the Holy Rosary. There is an inspirational image for each mystery, and a bell sounds on time for Glory."

  The Holy Rosary for the Pocket PC

  The Holy Rosary for the Pocket PC

Prayer Groups

St. Theresa of Lisieux Prayer Group

  "Vision Statement: To help to bring about, through prayer and praise, the fullness of God's Kingdom. To know Jesus, in a personal way, and know the love He has for us. To give glory to the Father as we do His will through Jesus, God made man, by serving Him in each other. To pray for our members, our parish, the archdiocese, the State, the Country and the World, so that in Jesus' name peace will reign here on Earth as it does in Heaven."

  St. Theresa of Lisieux Prayer Group
  St. Theresa of Lisieux Church
  Boston Road
  Billerica, Mass., USA

Praise Ministry - Music

Eric Genuis — Music for the Soul

  "Brilliant music, superbly crafted, unique in style, and expertly performed."

  Eric Genuis
  Eric Genuis - composer/pianist   http://www.ericgenuis.com

   Listen to  Mother and Child  from the album 'Eternity' (8.6 MB .mp3)

    Permission granted by Eric Genuis

The Priests

  Simply a 'must-hear' - awesome harmonies and vocals!

  The Priests