Prayer is the heart of Christian living - an intimate sharing between Lover and the beloved.
"Our prayers should be delicious and hot victuals that come from the fire of a heart overflowing with love."

Mother Teresa of Calcutta

"Do not fear purgatory . . ."

". . . you are not trusting enough, you are too afraid of the good Lord. I assure you this afflicts Him. Do not fear purgatory on account of the pain you suffer there, but desire not to go there in order to please God Who imposes this expiation so regretfully. As long as you seek to please Him in all things, if you trust unwaveringly that He purifies you each instant in His love, leaving in you no trace of sin, be quite sure you shall not go to purgatory. (Obituary circular letter of Sr. M.-Phil.)"

"In the evening of this life, I shall appear before You with empty hands, for I ask you not, Lord, to count my works. All our just works are spotted in Your eyes. I want then to clothe myself in Your own justice and receive from Your Love eternal possession of Yourself . . . To live in an act of perfect love, I offer myself as a holocaust victim to Your merciful Love, begging You to consume me continually, letting the waves of infinite tenderness enclosed in You overflow in my soul so that I may become a martyr of Your Love, O my God! . . ."

(Excerpts from Ducrocq, Marie-Pascale, Therese of Lisieux: A Vocation of Love. pp. 72-73)